Tuesday, 21 September 2010

4 simple goals: Update

So I thought I would give a little update on how I'm doing on my 4 simple goals. None of my goals really have a set end result, so I can't really blog when I've achieved them. So I thought little updates would work too!

Me and the man have had lots of date nights and date days! There's been a trip to the zoo, a visit to a farm shop to buy some yummy vegetables for dinner, coffee and cake, takeaway and film nights... I have (accidently) cheated a little bit though, the man has a new job so we actually have time to spend together now! But still, there have been date nights so this goal is going well!

Definately been a bit more creative recently! My bedroom has had a bit of a makeover and I have been making lots of little samples for potential Etsy and Folksy products. I won't say too much because I want to share it all properly but the creative juices have been flowing!

I reckon I've said yes a lot more than I've said no this last month. Which has led to reading some books I would never have read otherwise, being on nights out I would otherwise have left early from and lots of other fun things. Actually thinking about it to write this post, has encouraged me to make even more effort to say yes for the coming month. Wish me luck!

The only goal I haven't been totally great at is the blogging more! But I making so much more effort I promise. This is the goal I am going to focus on most for the next month. Hopefully by the end of the year this will be much improved!

So far, so good I reckon! Its definately making life more interesting...

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