Thursday, 4 October 2012

Some Recent Purchases

I'm actually trying pretty hard to not buy lots of new things at the moment. But a few things have made me open up my purse and I thought I would show a few things off!

I've been eyeing up these magazines from the creators of Mollie Makes for a little while. And they didn't disappoint. If you're a fan of Mollie Makes then I would suggest these for a good read. I'm considering doing  a seperate post on these so watch this space...
After my crochet course a few months ago, I've been keen to start my granny square blanket. And I finally got round to buying the yarn I needed. Choosing colours had turned into a crazy decision that meant many many lunch hours wandering around haberdashery departments.

And then I found this lovely little set of crochet hooks. I technically only needed one, but it worked out as cheap to buy all of these as it would to buy two of them individually!

This weekend I went to City Books in Hove to meet Clare Balding. I thought she was amazing during all the Olympic and Paralympic coverage, and had already decided to buy her book. And then I found out she was doing book signings near me, so thought I would go and meet her. She really is as lovely as she seems on the telly! 

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